Monday, May 12, 2008

In Light of the Last Post...

Someone said at our last Home Group meeting that as long as we are feeling condemned as if in a in a courtroom, we remain useless. We can't reach the lost when we are too consumed by our own guilt and condemnation. How can we tell someone who is lost that they can be free from a life of sin, guilt, and condemnation, when we can't believe it ourselves. What sins are we still reeling over and feeling condemned for that we aren't receiveng the cleansing blood of Christ for? For me, a few examples are, I still struggle when I know I've lost my temper once again with my kids, or chose something over my kids when they so obviously needed me, which pretty much still happens every day at some point, or say something to my husband that I know makes him upset, yet I do it anyways. But the voice that keeps coming to me is from my Savior when I want fear condemnation and I hear His voice say "Abide in Me". "There is no condemnation for this who are in Christ Jesus". The enemy knows what keeps us from being useful for God's kingdom, and when we allowthe voice of the enemy condemn us, he will take us to a completely useless state of being. Choose to listen to the voice of God, and the freedom will come. Also, anytime that voice of guilt and condemnation comes at you, claim the power of Jesus' blood over that sin, thank Jesus for His forgiveness, and move on. Like I said before, the enemy will take flight at that point.

Please go to the More Than Conquerors blog to read Tim's amazing explanation of why we still sin even though the Bible says we are free from sin. I have banged my head against a wall on this very subject for too long, but God gave Tim a wonderful revelation about that whole thing. It has answered my questions on it, and it will help you see why we continue to sin even when the Word of God says we are no longer slave to sin.

Father God, thank you for the cleansing power of Jesus blood that you have given. And thank you for the unending love and patience that you have for us, despite our shortcomings, misunderstandings, and all out stupidity sometimes. Though I do not feel worthy of your love, you have made me worthy by your Son Jesus Christ. Help me to receive that each and every moment of every day, and walk in the freedom that I was so freely given. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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Tammy said...

Wow! I really needed to read that (especially the first part). Thanks so much for sharing.