Friday, June 6, 2008

Our Week with Tim's Mom

Most of you looking on here know that we had Tim's mom, Candy, down this week from upstate NY. We had an awesome week. She left this morning to head back home,
but has left some great memories for us.
So here's some snippits of what we did while she was here.

Tim and his mom, Candy, at the RR Express game on Monday night

Candy is a big NY Yankees fan so she wanted a pic of Hannah wearing this hat.

Candy was showing the girls some pics of their family up in NY

On Tuesday, Tim, Hannah and I took Candy to New Braunfels to go tubing on the Comal River. Here we are floatin' away!We also took her to the historical town of Gruene, TXwhich is one of Tim and I's favorite places to go. We did some shopping and ate dinner at the Gruene River Grill which is a fantastic place to eat. Above is taken in Gruene in front of an old chuckwagon we walked by.

We also went to the historical Gruene Hall, pictured below, which is the oldest dance hall in Texas. It's also the place where George Straight and many other country artists started their careers. This was a big highlight of our trip actually. Candy loved the Texas-style feel in there. It's not something you would obviously ever find in NY. We went in and listened to a band "Two Tons of Steel" play for a while, which were very good by the way. I ended up enjoying their music so much that I came home and put some of their songs on my ipod. The best part though was watching all the two-steppers and jitterbuggers on the dance floor. It was amazing!! I tried to get Hannah out there with me, but had no luck. There were lots of kids dancing with their mommies and daddies along with all the couples. I've already told Tim I'm gonna teach him how to two-step soon so we can go back sometime and join the dancers :).


We then took Candy to Krause Springs on Wednesday to swim for the afternoon. Candy took this picture of Tim and I under the waterfall. Candy and Bekah swimming together We closed out our week yesterday by just veggin' at home, watching movies, and recooperating from the busy week. Like I said, great week, great memories! Thanks for coming down, Candy!


elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

looks like lots of fun!! I am going to have to get some of those 'addresses' from you so we can go play and have some fun!!

coachmom said...

I enjoyed meeting Tim's mom. Even if she did root against the BoSox!