Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 3 & 4

Well, after reading thru Luke 3 & 4, I'm still pondering it and am really having writer's block right now.
Jesus' birth and childhood, parents losing him in the temple, then finding him, Simeon's prophesy fulfilled, and then some....a lot of stories within a story in these passages. Then John the Baptist preaches, baptizes Jesus, and so on. So much to take in, it's hard to sort through it sometimes. I need to go back and read through this again some more. Still waiting for an"aha" moment but so far nothing yet. These days will happen and that's ok. A lot on my mind the last few days so that could be some of it. Just need to be still some more and soak in what God is revealing.
To be continued....

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Liz said...

I was just reading your post and thinking about something you said, "Jesus' parents losing him in the temple". Can you imagine the fear and panic that would have set into their minds when they couldn't find Jesus? There have been at least 2 occasions when we have forgotten to lock the apartment door and Silas has wandered out to the sidewalk. Both times when I realized he wasn't in the house, my heart started beating so fast and panic started welling up in my body...I wonder if Joseph and Mary felt the same way. I know Jesus was older than Silas is right now, but the thought of someone snatching one of the boys is a HUGE fear I have...Just like we as parents would have legtimate fears about losing our children...Joseph and Mary must have felt the same way....just something else to ponder and think on.

I am glad that you are getting back into the Word daily! I will pray that you follow through this challenge! May God richly bless you for being faithful to Him!

Love ya and miss ya like crazy!