Thursday, February 21, 2008

Proud 5-year-old

See anything missing on this bike?
Yesterday, after the tea party, Faith said "Mommy, now that I'm 5, I want to take off my training wheels". With much hesitation, I took them off anticipating that I would be putting them back on within 10 minutes. Faith has always been my more timid, fearful one and combined with being a perfectionist who gets very easily frustrated when something doesn't go the way she wants right away, I thought this would be over quick!
But surprises never cease. After just a few rounds with me holding her bike up, I decided to try to let go, and off she went without a hitch. Of course within the half hour, she got her "token" skinned knees from a few falls, but that hasn't seemed to slow her down. She of course won't leave me alone now about riding her bike.


Beth said...

Woohoo! That was fast learning!

More Than Conquerors said... little girl. She is so matter-of-fact.