Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter weekend

I haven't posted in a few days as I've been unwinding from our whirlwind weekend. It was full of fun and joyful memories as we celebrated our risen Saviour from Friday thru Sunday, as well as
my niece's 6th birthday party on Saturday.

Here are the girls drawing with their egg-shaped chalk on the driveway Friday.

Below: the girls getting pedicures by their Aunt Shelly at cousin Serah's birthday party. We loved watching Rebekah so intently watch her toes get painted. She could have been a statue, she was so still.

On Easter Sunday, we went to church which was a wonderful morning of worship, and Pastor Mark continued to challenge us with his series on taking up our cross as Jesus commanded.

Afterwards, we we headed out to Gramma and Big Dad's following the service and took some pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes before they changed into their play clothes. Then we had a big lunch with our family. We were blessed to have the Rigby clan from my mom's side of the family out to join us. Following lunch, we hid 85 eggs for the 7 kids we had with us to hunt down.


Enjoying some treats after the hunt

Rejoice! For Jesus is Risen!

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An Athlete of Christ in Training said...

I miss them soo much :-(Wish I could comedown in May to visit..