Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Little 9-yr-old Author

Hannah has been working on a story at school that will be added to a whole book of stories from her class. The stories are told through the eyes of a possum. Tim and I had a good chuckle reading her story.

Here's what Hannah wrote.
“Look what I see, Sammy”! I said. “ There are humans in this place and they are eating peanuts and looking at a big toy (a TV)!” Sammy hurried over and took some leaves with him to eat. We were at the window staring at them. “Man, those peanuts sure look good”, I said. “Want one?” Sammy said. “Ewww!” “They are actually pretty good. "Whatever!", said Sammy. "Well, if you want a peanut, go get one.” “Ok!” I ran up the house, into the chimney and down I went. I peeked through. They were looking at Sammy. I saw a peanut under a chair. I scurried over and grabbed it. They heard me. They turned around and chased me. I went into the chimney and got out as fast as I could. I made it just in time. Sammy and I walked to the fence. I split the peanut in half and I went home to eat dinner. I was too full to eat. Then I went to bed.

Then the next day, Sammy and I went to our tree house. “Let’s see what they have now”, I said. “Ok, but you are gonna have to go with me, ok?” “OK!” We went up the house and down the chimney. “The coast is clear”, I said. We scurried into the kitchen. “I smell pancakes. Ow! Don’t touch that”, I said to Sammy. I picked up two pancakes, put it on the table and put syrup on it. When I looked at Sammy, he was sticky. "Go to the sink". He came back soaked. “Eat, and we better leave”. “Ok”. We left. When we got home we played outside for a while and then went inside. The end.

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More Than Conquerors said...

lol...she has a great imagination :)