Monday, March 3, 2008

God is in the Restoration Business...

Over the weekend, Tim came home Friday afternoon from Tennessee safe and sound. We were also blessed by my mother as she let the girls stay overnight with her that night to give Tim and I a breather, as well as some time together on Saturday. We went and saw "Enchanted" which was a lot of fun.

Then we joined our friends and family (along with our girls) later that day up at church to witness a beautiful testimony of God's power in a marriage. Our friends, Greg and Jamie Phillips, renewed their vows on Saturday just less than a year after they were in divorce court having a custody hearing over their 2 boys. To the glory of God, they never finalized their divorce, and today, they have given God another a chance to restore their marriage and family into wholeness. The body of Christ at Central Baptist was praying over them most of last year, and over the weekend, we were able to witness the ultimate answer to our prayers, as Jamie threw a "surprise" vow renewal for Greg. They had discussed renewing their vows over the past few months, but didn't ever nail anything down, so Jamie took it all on herself to do this for Greg, without him knowing a thing about it. Hats off to her! She pulled it off so well that he never had a clue until he walked in the church only to find our youth pastor handing him a tux, and saying "You are renewing your vows with your wife today", only 10 minutes before he watched his bride walk down the aisle. He was beaming with tears running down his face. It was such a beautiful sight.
This is a testimony of something that seemed impossible for even God to fix, and yet once again, He came through, even when we probably wanted to give up sometimes on their marriage. Yet, God was still God, and He remained faithful. And I forgot to mention, to top it off, they are expecting another "little Phillips" this summer. What a wonderful way for God to seal something so sacred. To create a new life in this family. What a Mighty God we serve.
Is there anything in my life that I still feel is impossible for God to overcome? I have to say yes! I won't get into all of that, maybe another time, but I'm sure we all can find something that we struggling in believing God with. But we just have to keep trusting in His promises of who say He is, and His desire to bring us to wholeness, and He will be faithful to fulfill it.


Beth said...

Sob, sob! God is GREAT. You forgot to mention the new little life who's will join this restored family soon :-)

Thanks for the challenge!

Bethany said...

Oops! Just a minor! I went back and added it. It crossed my mind a few times as I was posting, but somehow it never got on there the original. :0)
Thanks for the reminder!