Sunday, March 16, 2008

Movie recommendation

For music lovers, or even non-music lovers, I wanted to recommend the movie "August Rush", if you haven't seen it yet. Tim and I personally loved it. We heard some mediocre response from people who saw it, so we didn't expect much, therefore, were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it. It's got a great soundtrack, first of all, and even has a few spiritual things injected in it, and just overall an enjoyable story that is smartly (is that a word?) put together. I know people who love musical talent will definitely love it, but Tim proved that even those who don't care much about musical talent will enjoy it as well. Probably because the story surrounding all the musical intertwining is intriguing enough to keep you interested.

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Beth said...

Sometimes the best movies are the ones that aren't "everyone's" favorite!

Just got to read your Walmart post. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah, she'll never live that down!